Best Goalkeeper Gloves For Youth-review Guide on Soccer Field Gloves Youth 2021

Youth soccer goalie gloves are crucial to select specifically in terms of safety. However, most companies understand the matter’s sensitivity and manufacture extra Finger Protection to save our youth’s fingers in a growth spurt.

Our Top 3 Choices

Best Choice
Predator Adidas Ultimate Fingersave Goalie Gloves

  • Excellent cushioning.
  • Evo Zone Tech.
  • Outstanding grip.
Best Choice
Adidas Predator GL PRO Goalkeeper Gloves Size-7.5

  • Knuckles protection.
  • Close-fit bandage.
  • Shock Absorption.
Best Choice
PUMA Future Grip 1 GCIC Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves

  • 4mm Elite grip latex.
  • Used by Jan Oblak.
  • Quite flexible.

But, the equilibrium between the price paid and the duration of the glove usage in the context of size is hard to establish. Often, parents feel difficulty opting for an optimized sized pair for their young one that can last long for few games and get incorrectly on the hands at this age of growth. Here I have reviewed the Top 10 Youth Soccer Goalie Gloves that you can shop easily by one click to ease parent’s difficulty.

Product Comparison Table

PUMA ONE Grip 1 Hybrid Pro Goalkeeper Gloves
4mm Ultimate Grip latex, Extended palm area, Mix of a roll and negative cut, Aeroprene main body. Check Here
Predator Adidas Ultimate Fingersave Goalie Gloves
Wear-resistant latex palms, Positive cut design, EVO Zone Tech, Stretch strap. Check Here
full latex backhand, Negative Cut, Close-fitting neoprene bandage, Evo Zone technology. Check Here
Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves
180° thumb wrap, Pre-arched palm,8CM Airprene cuff, Bendable Finger spines. Check Here
Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves
12MM natural latex foam, High viscosity, Larger area of auxiliary buffering, Stability of the catch. Check Here
Renegade GK Rogue Soccer Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard
360° Duratek strap, Removable Endo-Tek Pros , Neoprene unibody design, High-performance 4+3MM German latex. Check Here
Puma Future Grip 1 GCIC Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves
Hybrid gun cut, Embossed latex on the backhand, Silicone net punching zone,3mm of Puma’s Elite plus Latex. Check Here
Reusch Pure Contact III G3 Goalkeeper Glove
G3 Speedbump Foam, Extended Lower Palm Area, Freeflex zones, Asymmetrical slip-on cuffs, Evolutionary Negative Cut. Check Here
Kraken Spekter Pro Goalkeeper Gloves
High-Frequency Latex , Hybrid Cut, Knuckle protection, Cushioning for blocking shots, Punching Zone,Lycra wristband. Check Here
Adidas Predator GL PRO Goalkeeper Gloves
Knitted backhand, Extended strapless entry, Anatomically placed Flex Zones, URG2.0 Latex. Check Here

1.PUMA ONE Grip 1 Hybrid Pro Goalkeeper Gloves Size 8

Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro Goalkeeper Glove Size 8

Puma has hit the ground of goalkeeping hard with its newest One Grip 1 Hybrid. It is the best youth soccer goalie gloves and an exciting contender for the top-of-the-line gloves with its exceptional specs and out of this world ball grip and control.

Defend the line with these elite-level boys soccer goalie gloves from Puma. With 4mm Ultimate Grip latex, these gloves give you an unrivaled grip under all weather conditions as they come with an extended palm area as well. Similarly, these gloves come in a hybrid cut which is a mix of a roll and negative cut. The roll cut is on the index and pinky fingers, whereas the middle two fingers have a negative cut.

Additionally, the thumb in these youth soccer goalie gloves has twin wrapping that creates an improved fit and maximizes the ball catching area. Likewise, the backhand of these gloves features latex punching that gives an enhanced grip. At the same time, the aeroprene main body makes it lightweight and provides comfort and breathability.

Moreover, the close-fitting fit of these youth soccer field player gloves perfectly fit the keepers’ hand with no negative space. It can fit the nooks and crannies of any hand, thanks to its backhand. Furthermore, the double wrap at the thumb makes the latex on the palm wrap around the thumb to secure its pressure points. Besides, the knuckles have a decent punching platform with embossed Hooper soft latex, and along with the material on the backhand, these gloves make a snug feel.

  • Super Comfortable.
  • Enhanced grip.
  • Extremely Flexible.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • No Finger Spines for Finger protection.
  • Relatively less sticky.

2.Predator Adidas Ultimate Fingersave Goalie Gloves

Predator Adidas Ultimate Fingersave Goalie Gloves

The Youth&Adult goalie gloves by Adidas gloves are indeed one of the best ones available in the market. Adidas is a young loved and dynamic internet-based brand that has gained recognition across the globe. These gloves are tailored to save the toughest of shots. They possess wear-resistant latex palms which give the wearer extreme grip and ball control.

Additionally, the unique positive cut design gives the youth keeper ball control that allows the goalkeeper to cope with the most challenging saves in any game. Similarly, the new and improved backbone finger save system in these goalie gloves helps protect your fingers from Hyperextended finger injuries. Moreover, the too thick padded latex foam offers more cushioning and protection to your palm.

Likewise, these gloves have a double-designed wrist band whose lining layer is made of elastic material whereas the outer strap is a  close-fitting Velcro bandage that protects your wrist from sprain. Furthermore, these youth goalie gloves are made from high-quality composite materials, i.e. latex and EVA, making these gloves wear and tear-resistant. Additionally, these gloves perform exceptionally well in every kind of competition or training.

Also, the latex and EVA material used makes them really light in weight and very comfortable to wear. But that’s not all; these soccer goalie gloves are perfect for people of all ages. They’re available in various sizes suitable for junior trainees to high school students.

  • Evo Zone Technology.
  • Double cushioning at the palm.
  • Strecth strap for strong grip.
  • Fingersave spines are there.
  • Not True to size so check sizing before purchase.
  • Take some time to adjust.



The youth goalkeeper gloves by Blok-IT are undoubtedly the best ones available in the market. Regardless of their nominal price, they don’t stay behind on the performance. Nevertheless, these gloves’ quality is excellent, and they are exceptionally durable that easily last for two seasons at least. Moreover, the palm is a high-quality German Super Soft latex foam that is the most rigid material, and the impeccable stitching along the cuts gives the goalkeeper ultimate success in every game.

Similarly, the air flowing latex absorbs sweat during a game drawing it from your skin to give you extended comfort. Likewise, the protective padding and finger save present in these gloves keeps your fingers safe from breaking, fracturing, and even getting sprained during the game. The backhand of these gloves has extra padding. It helps in absorbing any shock from the impact of the ball when you’re blocking a shot.

Despite protecting from the impact, this padding also makes your knuckles stable for a strong punch. Additionally, the finger savers prevent the backward bending of your finger during a game and keep your hands safe from facing any injury. Furthermore, the presence of a high-quality Velcro strap on the wrist area does a great job of keeping the glove secured in its place during a game.

Lastly, the bandage closure makes sure that your gloves stay in place during the game. This confidence makes it easier for a goalie to concentrate on the game solely rather than worrying about his gloves. These gloves have a comfortable fit on the wearer’s hand that gives the goalie incredible stability. They’ll fit perfectly on your hand if you choose the size correctly.

  • Breathable
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Fingersave.
  • Wear Resistant Latex.
  • It is recommended to buy one size bigger than your actual size.

4.Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves

Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves with Microbe Guard

Renegade is a top-of-the-line goalie gloves manufacturer, and the GK Triton is one of the best from the lot. These gloves offer youth keeper a durable and reliable glove suited for use under all weather conditions. Nevertheless, the GK Triton gloves from RGK give their wearer exceptional grip and ball control. The German Super Grip latex in these gloves make them the perfect pick for hard ground.

Similarly, the 180-degree thumb wrap and the pre arched palm design provide the wearer with excellent grip and ball control. Unlike most finger protection systems, the RGK’s Pro-Tek Pros are removable, and the wearer can easily take them out when they don’t want to use finger protection. These finger spines don’t bend and prevent the fingers from bending backward during a game.

Similarly, the 3.5mm & 3mm composite latex layers on these gloves’ palm and backhand give the wearer extra impact protection. While the 8cm airprene cuff and 3mm 360-degree Duratek strap provides excellent wrist support.Likewise, the microbe guard in these gloves prevents the building of bacteria, viruses and other microbes inside the gloves.

Moreover, the Micro-Fresh technology in these gloves keeps them fresh throughout the day but destroys 99.9% of the germs. Additionally, the 3D air mesh body of these youth goalkeeper gloves provides all the breathability needed to keep the hands cool during the game. Furthermore, the 8cm Airprene strap with elastic slit and Duratek strap gives these gloves comfortable and perfect fitting on the wearer’s hand.

  • 3D Super Mesh Body.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Fingersave.
  • Provide maximum Grip.
  • No extra internal Silicon Grip.
  • No extended Palm support.

5.Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves

Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves with Fingersave

If you’re looking for a pair of suitable quality gloves that are quite budget-friendly, then Malker Soccer Goalie gloves are all you need. These gloves come with fingersaves and double wrist protection, so they’ll provide the perfect injury protection that you may need during a game.

The durable and robust grip of these youth fingersave goalie gloves is one of the reasons why they’re among the bestselling goalie gloves. These gloves have a 12 mm natural latex layer, and because of their practical design, they have a bigger palm surface. Additionally, these gloves have large areas of auxiliary buffering, high viscosity and slippery proofing to maximize friction.

Similarly, the innovative curved design of these gloves gives increased catch stability. It has excellent supporting force and grip under all weather conditions. Furthermore, the finger spines in these gloves protect fingers. These spines are sewed and embedded into these gloves’ finger parts to prevent fingers from getting injured.

Moreover, these gloves have double wrist bands with a woven elastic band in the inner layer, which helps protect the wearer’s wrist during the game. Besides, these youth soccer goalkeeper gloves with finger protection have adjustable Velcro straps, giving the goalkeeper liberty to adjust them as per their need. Besides, the breathable mesh used in making these gloves provides required enough air needed to keep the hands cool during the game.

  • Breathable.
  • Super Comfy.
  • Fingersave.
  • Highly fexible.
  • Not available in size 5-10 only.
  • Non-removable finger spines are there.

6.Renegade GK Rogue Soccer Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

Renegade GK Rogue Limited Edition Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Renegade is known for its world-class quality and the trust that many pro goalies have in it. These RGK’s limited Edition GK Rogue Soccer goalie gloves are customized; only 1500 in each style range.

The RGK Rogue series is the first limited edition gloves by Renegade. These youth soccer goalie gloves cater to the demands of the youth keeper. New designs are available if you can’t find an older one as these gloves are limited in number. Moreover, the Rogue goalie gloves use top-notch German 4mm & 3mm Giga Grip composite latex layers. This feature of youth soccer goalie glove and other features such as extended palm, 180-degree thumb wrap, and pre arched foam on the palm, give these gloves exceptional grip and ball control.

Additionally, the layers of neoprene along with the 4mm & 3mm latex on the palm and backhand of these gloves make them super comfy to wear. But that’s not all; the backhand of these gloves is injected with rubber ridges to provide exceptional impact protection to the young goalie’s hand. Similarly, the neoprene cuff and the 6cm 360-degree Duratek strap give the goalie excellent wrist support.

Furthermore, these limited edition Rogue gloves also have extended palm support, 180-degree thumb wrap, and pre arched palm, which gives the wearer excellent grip and ball control. Likewise, as these gloves have the best material, they’re well suited for professional goalies. Besides, the price of these gloves is quite economical, so now you can enjoy RGK’s best-valued gloves without even breaking your bank.

  • Microbe Gaurd.
  • Removable finger spines.
  • Additional Silicon Grips at finger sides.
  • Latex Finger Gussets for maximum finger safety.
  • Not available in size s less than 6.
  • Available in Negative cut only.

7.Puma Future Grip 1 GCIC Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves

Puma Future Grip 1 GCIC Hybrid Goalkeeper GLOVE

If you are looking for the best youth goalkeeper glove that can perform phenomenally under all conditions, look no further because the Puma Future Grip GCC1s are all you need. A pro like Jan Oblak relies on them for their exceptional performance. The GCC Hybrid is one of those pro soccer goalie gloves that perfectly fit junior goalies’ size. Consequently, these gloves rank among the best goalkeeper gloves for youth available in the market.

Moreover, the 4mm Elite grip latex in the palm gives these youth soccer field gloves extraordinary grip and shock absorption under all weather conditions. Additionally, the hybrid gun cut on the index and little finger of these gloves whereas the negative or IC cut on the two middle fingers and the thumb wrap provides the goalie with maximum ball contact and grip.

Furthermore, the neoprene body gives the young goalkeeper outclasses grip and fit. Similarly, the futuristic embossing on the latex of the backhand and the silicone net punching zone provides the goalkeeper with power, comfort, and protection. Likewise, the ribbed neoprene cuff with linear zip closure makes these gloves relatively easy and convenient to put on and take off.

But that’s not all; these goalie gloves for youth soccer also have a traditional wrist strap that gives the youth keeper secure, comfortable, and reliable support. These boys’ soccer goalie gloves have 3mm of Puma’s elite plus latex along with a wrap-around on the sides as well as a wrap over the thumb. The knitted body of these gloves and the backhand possess silicone rubber printing on the punch zone and fingers. This cuff’s entry system is very comfortable with a knit wrist cuff, and on the side, there is a zipper closure system.

  • Light Weight.
  • Available in new trendy style.
  • Elastic Wrist cuff.
  • Wear resistant Elite latex.
  • No Finger spines.
  • Bit Expensive.

8.Reusch Pure Contact III G3 Speedbump Goalkeeper Glove

Reusch Pure Contact G3 Goalkeeper Gloves

If you’re looking for the best youth soccer goalkeeper glove that is not heavy on the pocket, then the Reusch Pure Contact III G3 is perfect for you. These innovative G3 Speed Bump gloves are perfect for youth goalkeepers. These youth finger save goalkeeper gloves come with the G3 Speed Bump Foam that gives them additional barrier and friction against the ball’s impact.

Additionally, the G3 foam provides this youth goalkeeper gear more friction, giving the youth keeper higher ball control and an increased grip sensation. Similarly, these gloves have the perfect balance of grip and control with its soft and subtle design. It has two layers of G3 foam.

These goalie gloves for youth soccer are ultra-soft all-weather gloves that provide exceptional grip under damp conditions as well. Furthermore, these youth soccer field gloves are specially designed by Reusch as a complete one piece, and it is sewed in the same way as well. This feature gives the backhand of these gloves Free Flex, making them the lightest pro gloves in all of Reusch’s goalie gloves range.

Moreover, these gloves’ palm has lamination of 3D latex structures that give these gloves its extraordinary grip.  The added friction provided by the 3D designs provides the youth with goalkeeper the ultimate grip and ball control.

Likewise, these gloves have an extended palm area that gives the goalies additional room for enhanced ball contact. Besides, the negatively stitched version of these gloves is just evolutionary. Because of the Evolution Negative Cut, the latex in these gloves seamlessly rolls around the fingertips giving a tighter fit.

Additionally, this also increases the latex to ball contact area, further enhancing the ball grip and eventually the goalie’s overall performance. Furthermore, the asymmetrical slip-on cuff gives a more extended coverage area while the integrated straps and rubber ender helps protect the wrist.

  • Extended Lower Palm.
  • Large Latex to ball contact area.
  • Asymmetrical slip on cuff.
  • Free Flex snug fit.
  • Relatively less durable.
  • No Finger spines.
  • Bit Expensive.

9.Kraken Spekter Pro Goalkeeper Gloves


The Kraken Spekter Pro is a groundbreaking glove from Rinat that exceeds the needs of modern-day youth keepers. The Kraken models are the most innovative, technical, and specialized ones in Rinat’s glove lineup. These goalie gloves for youth soccer are incredibly light in weight yet comfortable and easily manageable, giving the youth goalkeeper hands a lot of freedom.

Similarly, the back of these gloves is a unified latex piece with high frequency that gives volume and cushioning to the body. This suitable latex piece gives you guaranteed protection in the key areas. Moreover, the latex also gives clearance and protection to the knuckles and cuff locks, providing the right protection needed in any high-performance glove.

Likewise, the breathability that the neoprene textile of these youth soccer field gloves gives makes them easier to wear during long games as the hands keep cool. By the way, these gloves have a hybrid cut that is a combination of Roll finger and ergonomic. The palm region is divided and made with independent pieces to make these gloves more unique and technical.

The fingers and the palm connect via textile mesh with a gel layer for ventilation and greater comfort and ergonomics. Furthermore, the palm is a 3mm German Latex Omega grip that provides exceptional grip and top-class durability. Our young goalies r experience incredible performance, cushioning, and grip. Also, the anti-slip gel inside the gloves prevents it from slipping down.

Lastly, the neoprene wristband with flex points allows free mobility, whereas the Lycra in the external area facilities the hand’s entry.

  • Highly Flexible.
  • Exceptional Grip.
  • Perfect close fit.
  • Not much wear-resistance

10.Adidas Predator GL PRO Goalkeeper Gloves Size7


If you’re looking for a nice pair of gloves that are not only reliable but perform exceptionally as well, then Karltion Goalkeeper gloves are perfect for you. These gloves are fit for any goalie game with their natural latex soft palms. These youth Fingersave goalkeeper gloves possess imported 3mm latex that provides durability and good wrapping to them and excellent anti-skidding. This latex, in turn, improves the whole goalkeeping experience of the goalie.

Besides, the finger support in these gloves is excellent and provides exceptional protection to the fingers. The fingers of these gloves are embedded with finger covers that prevent the excessive bending of fingers. Moreover, there is a double layer of latex material around the wrists that reduces sprain risk. And the lengthen Velcro straps fit the wrist’s curve perfectly so you can play without having to worry about hurting your hands.

Additionally, the finger mesh design gives these gloves the required breathability that any player needs during a game to keep their hands cool. Similarly, this youth goalkeeper gear gloves’ high-quality latex gives the wearer excellent ball-handling, resistance against wear, and stops skidding of the ball.

Likewise, these gloves are aesthetically appealing with their fashionable splicing design. They come in bold and eye-catchy colors with dynamic and trendy patterns.   With these gloves, your young keeper will not only fall in love with the game, but they’ll also make some fantastic memories.

  • Breathable Mesh body.
  • Super Comfy.
  • Wear Resistant Latex.
  • The price of these gloves is quite reasonable especially with their longevity they offer good value for money.
  • No Finger spines are there.

Buyers Guide Of Youth Soccer Goalie Gloves

Youth Goalie Gloves Buyers Guide- Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What to look when buying a youth goalie glove?

To choose a glove for a young one, Palm type and Finger protection are the main considerate. For Finger Protection, the finger spines must be made of plastic and should be bendable. It will avoid strains and injuries. On the other side, the Palm textured could be smooth or dimpled.

2.Should I choose a tighter fit for better grip?

Selecting the right fitting is extremely important. The glove should not be too tight, nor it is loose. The exact size match will add to the goalie’s confidence, comfort, and control over the ball. If it’s too tight, it will put more stress, and if it’s loose, it will reduce the control over the ball.  It is recommended to learn how to measure your goalie glove size for the better choice.

3.What is the life span of a single glove?

On average a soccer goalie glove lasts for 12-14 games dependent upon how well a user take care of his glove. 

4.Is it better to wear a Fingersave goalie glove?

It is a suggestion that during training sessions, you should not wear  Fingersave goalie gloves, as it gives a chance to fingers to become strengthen. While during the game infielder should wear Fingersave goalie gloves to protect fingers against strains and injuries.

5.Is it feasible to wear big goalie gloves?

Some goalkeepers prefer to wear one size big over their actual size. It allows the comfortable and free moment of the hand within, plus the better ventilation enables the skin to breathe. And, in turns, keeps the hand relatively dry during the long games.  

Being into games since High school has brought many experiences. I thought to share them for others' benefit. Must read, to get a better insight of suitable game gears.

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