Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2021-Ultimate Review And Buyers Guide

How could one think to win a goalie game without preventing the opponent‘s goal score. To make up a world – class game, one needs to gear up his goal keeper with a pair of professional goalkeeper gloves. Different factors contribute in the selection of goal keeper gloves, all of which make your goalie capable to give you a best save.

Out Top 3 Goalkeeper Gloves in 2021

Best Choice
Reusch Fusion Evolution Goalie Glove

  • Super airy
  • Removable spines.
  • High Cushioning
Best Choice
Reusch Supreme G3 Fusion Goalie Gloves

  • Ortho- protection
  • Natural hand position
  • Durable
Best Choice
Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper Glove

  • Unique design
  • Super grippy
  • Ball clings in hands

Well, goalie gloves are one of the personalized items. The considerate variables that work for one person might not work suitably for the other one. Being a goalie myself, I have experienced that whichever goalkeeper glove you select it should provide you confidence, protection, comfortability including a nice and fit grip. Based on my experience, I have researched and reviewed the best goalie gloves for 2021. Let’s check them out here

Product Comparison Table

1st Pick
Nike Vapor Grip 3 Goalkeeper Gloves – Crimson-Black
Material: Polyester Latex,Protection: ACC technology,Palm: Extended,Grip: Hook and loop wrist band, Durability: Durable Check Here
2nd Pick
Uhlsport Dynamic Impulse Supergrip Finger Surround Goalkeeper Gloves
Material: German Latex,Protection: Embossed Backhand Cushioning,Palm: Reflex Cut,Grip: Neoprene Bandage,Durability: Durable. Check Here
3rd Pick
Reusch Fit Control Supreme G3 Fusion Soccer Goalie Gloves
Material: German Latex,Protection: Advance Shock Shield,Palm:Rolled Cut,Grip: Wider Wrist Band,Ventilation: Air Vent System. Check Here
4th Pick
Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper Glove
Material: Synthetic ,Protection: Fingersave Spine,Palm: Positive Cut,Grip: Elastic Wrist Band Check Here
5th Pick
PUMA Future Grip 1 GCIC Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves
Material: Latex, Protection: NO Fingersave, Palm: 4mm palm, Grip: Latex Wrist Strap,Durability: Durable. Check Here
6th Pick
K-LO Fingersave Goalkeeper-Soccer Goalie Gloves
Material: German Latex,Protection: Finger Spines,Palm: Hybrid Cut,Grip: Non-Slip Silicon Inner Check Here
7th Pick
FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves with Fingersaves
Material: Dumbex Latex,Protection: Finger Save,Palm: Positive Cut,Grip: Double Wrap Wrist Band,Durability: Durable. Check Here
8th Pick
Reusch Fit Control G3 Fusion Evolution Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove
Material: German Latex, Protection: Fingersave,Grip: Latex Grip Band,Ventilation: Air Vent System,Durability: Durable. Check Here
9th Pick
Varzist Goalkeeper Gloves Brine King Match 3X Soccer Goalie Glove
Material: Eva,Protection: Fingersave Spines,Grip: Elastic Wrist Cuff,Ventilation: Breathable Mesh Body,Durability: Durable. Check Here
10th Pick
Adidas ACE Trans Ultimate Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves
Material: Latex,Protection: Backbone Fingersave,Palm: Positive Cut,Grip: Double Wrap Wrist Band,Durability: Durable. Check Here


Unquestionably, the team’s fate is dependent upon its goalie performance, in a soccer game. Keeping the fact in view, top goalkeepers always gear themselves up with professional goalie gloves. Here is a quick glance at researched, 10 Best Goalie Gloves for 2021.

1.Nike Vapor Grip 3:

Nike Vapor Grip 3

Nike is an inspirational innovative organization for athletes. It is a multinational brand , functional since 1964 and is one of the leading producers of sports gear in the sports industry. Nike Vapor Grip 3 Goalkeeper Gloves is a product of Nike equipped with ACC technology. ACC technology is an abbreviation of All Condition Control Technology.

This technology reduces friction and maintains good control over the ball to maintain its friction, touch, and control over the ball in both humid and dry weather conditions. Furthermore, this ACC technology enhances a shield against force shocks and enhances grip. The extended elastic wrist band allows the adjustable and tighter fit for more comfort and grip.

Nike Grip 3 uses Hybrid Cut Technology. Hybrid Cut is a combination of Flat Cut on the middle finger and Rolled Cut on the remaining fingers. This combination of two cuts boosts control over the ball because of an extended contact area. Moreover, the palm wrap is extended which ensures close to skin fit tightness.

  • Evo Zone Technology.
  • Double cushioning at the palm.
  • Strecth strap for strong grip.
  • Fingersave spines are there.
  • Not True to size so check sizing before purchase.
  • Take some time to adjust.



UHLSport’’ is founded by soccer professionals who are closely and profoundly attaches to soccer, both emotionally and culturally. The continual quality improvement and maximum customer support are the leading success factors of this organization.

Glancing upon their Radar Control Absolute grip Reflex Goalkeeper Gloves we found that the outranking feature of the product is its high performance. On the upside, these goalkeeper gloves offer maximum flexibility. They are spacious enough to allow freehand movement within. These gloves provide Absolute Grip and high protection against impacts and bruises via 3D embossed SHOCKZONE latex. The garment used is breathable and allows a smooth airflow.

Talking about comfort and grip, the latex aide bandage strap is stretchable. It allows the goalie to stretch the band at maximum and wrap around the wrist to get the best fit. The optimal fitting at the palm gives you skin fitted ball feeling On the downside, Lycra is involved as the main manufacturing material. It can cause allergy if a goalie is allergic to certain synthetic fabric materials. To recapitulate, these goalkeeper gloves are the shop at one stop.

  • Patent absolute grip.
  • Allows smooth airflow.
  • 3D embossed pattern.
  • Maximum protection
  • Lycra used may cause allergies in sensitive skin.
  • Non-elastic neoprene wrist bandage.

3.Reusch Fit Control Supreme G3 Fusion:

Reusch Fit Control Supreme G3 Fusion

Being an internationally operated company for over 85 years, Reusch secures its position amongst top goalkeeper gloves in the world. Let us have a look at their astonishing Supreme G3 Goalie Glove model.

At first, glance upon the qualities that this goalie glove posses. Supreme G3 Fusion Goalie Glove is the product of the German design and manufacturing process. The Pro latex (stable dispersion of polymer microparticles in water) material used at the backhand with wide wrist bandage makes the glove secure and comfortable.  The palm of this glove is sprinkled with a combination of hard ground and soft ground foam to provide increased durability and grip.

The Dual Rolled Expanse Cut of the glove allows the natural catching position on the field and the anatomical shape makes it easy to wear. It uses the XRD TECHNOLOGY Extreme Impact Protection (a lightweight Shock shield) which protects the hand when punching the ball, and the Airvent system allows optimal air circulation and keeps the glove breathable.

Moreover, the LONG ELASTIC CUFF makes this goalkeeper glove better to fit on. The gusset inside the small finger elevates your goalie game and secures the goal by tightly holding the ball while catching. The palm latex is extended around the inner side of the thumb to shield against injury.

  • Advance shock shield system.
  • Air vent system.
  • Ortho technology protection.
  • G3 Fusion Foam. Flexible.
  • Bit Expensive.

4.Adidas Predator PRO goalie gloves:


These Adidas goalie gloves are a must-have if you are getting training to be a goalie. The inspirational and unique design of these goalkeeper gloves follows Adidas’ soccer gloves heritage in depth. 

The latex palm of this Adidas goalkeeper glove is soft and durable. It is designed in a positive cut with an incredible grippy surface.  This roomy cut won’t allow the ball to skip out of the goalie’s hands rather it clings in between.

  • Appropriate sizing.
  • Comfortable in use.
  • EVO Zones provide professional grip.
  • No Fingersave.
  • Relatively less Durable

5.PUMA Future Grip 1 GCIC Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves Size


If you want to indulge your Goalie Game in something most vibrant aesthetically, then go for this Puma goalie glove. It is very light in weight and comes in a range of vibrant blue, glossy black, and glowing yellow, that shines out in a crowd.

It uses high-end goalie glove technology and provides a 4mm palm grip. The bandage wrist and latex wrist strap make the grip more secure. Although, it does not use goalie Finger save Technology but provides a whole lot of protection via latex band. It is quite flexible and best suitable for Mod-range players.

  • Very vibrant and stylish.
  • Quality in terms of dollars is worth it.
  • Highly Durable.
  • No Fingersave.
  • Suitable for Mid level players.

6.K -LO Fingersave Gloves:

K-Lo Fingersave Goalie Gloves

This goalkeeper glove is super fit if you are looking for something secure. These gloves provide full coverage and protect your fingers from any kind of damage caused even from bending. The backhand of this finger save goalie glove is composed of synthetic latex and is up to 3mm thick. 3MM=3MM German latex, elastic cuffs along a 360 Velcro strap ensures a maximum strong grip. Undoubtedly, these gloves performance is superb.

These gloves are fingersave. They are fully equipped to shield your 5 fingers against any possible injury. The finger save spline of these gloves supports the finger even when the fingers are bend. As far as the grip is concerned, the backhand and palm shell are equipped with German Latex externally. While, internally the silicon –gel and non-slip material keep your goalie game at peak even in the wettest condition of the hand. For a tight fit and better control, these gloves offer a snug fit. The negative cut is tailored to specifically facilitate the players with small hands.

Lastly, let’s talk about durability and comfortability. Aesthetically, the printed design of 3D mash, self-embossed at the back hand made is fascinating. The 3mm foaming lamination is breathable, making it comfortable. Point to mention, the teeth pull elastic Velcro strap is made of a towel, thus delivering supreme quality, performance, and style. 

  • Silicon gel pads for shock absorption.
  • Finger spines for fingersave.
  • Easy to put-on.
  • Not suitable for warm weather.

7.Fits T4 Goalie Gloves Black/White:

Fits T4 Goalie Gloves

Wearing an out-class pair of Finger save goalie glove will help you to take your goalie game to next level with confidence. These gloves use a 5 spine technology that absorbs the force of a high-speed ball and protects the fingers from bending backward. This finger save technology allows maximum flexibility and prevents the fingers from any kind of fracture or injury whilst maintain the forward natural formation of the fingers. 

These goalie soccer gloves are designed in a two-layer wristband. The inner layer has an extra 8cm elastic bandage to ensure maximum wrist protection. While the outer layer of this soccer glove is an attractively designed strap to wrap around the wrist and guard it against any sprain.

Talking about this soccer gloves durability and comfort, the pair is categorized as a durable one. It is manufactured by using high-quality Dumbex Latex. The jacquard mesh body makes them breathable and perfect for a soccer goalie playing in a humid or hot climate. This pair is too strong and lightweight, hence both durable and comfortable. 

These goalkeeper gloves are available in a whole range of sizes. They are designed in Positive Cut and provide full contact with the ball to save a goal. These gloves are recommended best for both training and infield goalie game.

  • Use two layer wrist band for maximum grip.
  • Shock absorption pads gives full protection.
  • Available in all sizes.
  • For a perfect fit , choose one size up following your actual measurements.

8.Reusch Fit Control G3 Fusion:

Reusch Fit Control G3 Fusion

This Adult goalkeeper glove is a perfect blend of quality, comfort, and durability. It is recommended best for professional use. It uses top-notch G3 Fusion all-weather latex and ensures a superior blend of grip and cushioning. The advanced Airvent system keeps the goalkeeper hands breathable and cool. The mesh material is airy that allows optimal air circulation.

It supports the natural catching position via its superb anatomical shape. The pre-slayed fingers increase the comfort of the glove’s wear. Additionally, the backhand material is extended toward the palm side making it more durable.

As for finger save technology, this pair of Reusch gloves uses a lighter version of non-removable finger save technology. This un-removable spline technology of finger protection provides maximum stabilization for fingers. 

  • The flexible cut allows natural catching position of hand.
  • Use Airvent system to make goalkeeper gloves breathable.
  • Durable and comfortable. Palm pads provide maximum cushioning.
  • Hybrid Cut provides better control over the ball.Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Recommended for professional use only.
  • Bit Expensive

9.Varzist Goalkeeper Gloves:

Varzist Brine Master Goalie Gloves

Varzist squad is continuing to fulfil customer’s demand and work according to their expectations. It is one of the industry leaders in sports manufacturing. They aim to deliver high-performance quality gloves to earn customer satisfaction at its peak. On the positive end, these gloves are breathable. The mesh body of these gloves makes them airy. Moreover, the Finger Gussets keep the hands safe whilst keeping them dry and cool. 

As per protection, the improved Backbone Finger protection System secures fingers against hyperextension. The backhand of this glove is also composed of embossed EVA. Lastly, the wrapped thumb technique shields thumbs separately.

  • Versatile.
  • Cheap.
  • Fingersave.
  • In consistent sizing.
  • Low Durability.

10.Ace Trans Fingersave Pro:

adidas ACE Trans Ultimate Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves (Sz. 10) White, Blue Red, Black

Not yet one of a big brand, but surely as a progressive one, sport out is an internet sensation. This young and dynamic collaboration is committed to providing improved services with an eminent user experience. 

Initially, have a look at the features offered by the goalkeeper gloves of this category. Talking about the grip and durability, these goalie gloves are tear-resistant. The latex palm along Positive Cut offers an outstanding combination of grip and strength.

Furthermore, these are finger save goalie gloves. These finger protection goalkeeper gloves avoid Hyper-Extended injuries on-field or during training. The palm of this goalie glove has thick padded latex foam to provide more cushioning protection. Hence, the glove is tough in use but lighter in weight.

For more protection, these gloves have a double strand wrist band. One is elastic and the second one is Velcro bandage to provide a tight fit. The elastic stretchy strap allows the adjustable fit. It not only shields the wrist muscles but reduces the sprained wrist too. 

  • Airy, suitable for humid weather too. Backbone finger protection system.
  • Wear resistant, anti slip latex material composition.
  • Provide maximum grip.
  • Relatively high in price.
  • Low Durability.

Ultimate Buying Guide of Best Goalie Gloves:

If you are planning to buy new goalkeeper gloves from a Big Brand or you have selected an option from a small manufacturer, the following attributes for good goalie gloves should be kept in mind.

Value against Money:

You can determine the value of real goalkeeper gloves by evaluating its monetary value in comparison to its performance and durability.

Many goalkeeper training gloves are made up of material that is cheap and is easily prone to wear and tear. Such gloves provide less finger protection and a weak grip.  

There is another category of relatively overpriced gloves in comparison to the specs they offer. Such pairs are recommended if you play a Big Game consistently. Furthermore, such overpricing and branding tags are not quality assurance. Many small manufacturers are providing the same quality at a cheap price.

Last but not the least, many expensive goalie gloves pay off except for the dollars we pay.

Comfortability and Grip:

Comfortability is a subjective term. Every goalkeeper has his own preference in terms of CUT TYPE and SIZE.

Cool goalie gloves used by pro goalies normally feel soft and have exceptionally high-quality padding material at the inner side of the glove. The best quality goalkeeper gloves in terms of grip and fit depend upon one’s hand shape and the size that best fits him.


Two of the most influential factors that affect the performance and precision goalkeeper gloves give are:

 Goalkeeper Gloves Latex Types. The grip of a goalie glove is directly dependent upon the quality of a latex material that is being used at its palm. The greater the quality of latex used, the better the grip.

Goalkeeper Glove Cuts. The Glove Cuts decides its flexibility, comfort, and protection against the ball force during the catch. Detail about available cuts is narrated at TYPES OF CUTS.

Structure of the Goalkeeper Gloves for Soccer Goalie:

For a goalie in any game like soccer or hockey, gloves games are in full swing. The precision goalkeeper gloves produce is dependent upon its design and style. To select a pro goalkeeper gloves, the following parts should be focused on:

  • Backhand
  • Fingers
  • Palm
  • Wrist Closure


Backhand plays its role when a goalie is required to punch the ball. The considerate pair of goalkeeper’s gloves should have padded backhand. It is preferred to have double or more layers of padding.  A high price is not an authentication; you must check the padding in the context of your training and playing experience. The pro goalkeeper gloves provide latex padding.


Most of the fingers save gloves come along spines or stay to provide maximum grip.  These goalkeeper gloves with finger save allow flexibility and provide sturdier support. These spines are located at the inner side of the finger. Goalkeeper gloves with finger spines are built with material to get tight, direct the force and prevent bone fracture or any kind of muscular tension.

Marketers now sell goalkeeper gloves both as goalie gloves with finger savers or without finger spines. Some gloves offer the feature of a removable spine too. But, it is wise to go for a goalie glove with finger support.


How a goalie can give you a saver catch without palm support. To safeguard your victory, keeper gloves should provide excellent grip while receiving a ball. Currently, the palm of a goalie catcher glove is either flat or embossed.

Although the embossed glove looks like the coolest gloves and fancier but is less adherent. So, for a victorious gloves game opt for the best goalie glove and gear up with the flat ones armed by sticky neoprene or some clinging materials.

Wrist Closure:

The stronger the wrist closure, the greater the grip. We have 3 different types of closures to provide the precision of keeper gloves that a goalie is looking for.

Some have more elastic or adjustable bands to provide much more flexibility to the wrist. Or some are supported by a Velcro fastening to double wrap around the wrist. These Bandage closures ensure the best-quality wrist support and protection.

While others come along certain ventilation holes along the palm, giving a goalkeeper an option of different closures. These are usually V-shaped so recognized as V-notch closures.

Types of Cuts:  

Soccer Goalie gloves are available in various cuts nowadays. Goalkeeper gloves cuts refer to the perfect fit and strong grip including the material used at the palm. The most widely used cuts are:

  • Negative
  • Hybrid
  • Rolled
  • Flat

Negative cut:

Select Goalie Gloves with Negative cut if you have thinner fingers. It provides an eminent fit. Fingers in negative cut goalie gloves are sewn together from inside making it tighter to wear.


It is a custom goalie gloves cut. It is derived from the combination of all the other available cuts. The exact measurement of your goalkeeper glove is the main concern here. It is recommended to measure the wider part of a hand excluding fingers and increase an inch to that measured figure. It will give the best fit size for your goalkeeper gloves. 


This glove cut has a rolled design at the palm that is stitched at the back of the fingers. It provides a tighter fit and more aerodynamics to the keeper.


The palm of this glove is flat made of flat foam material. It is free to fit, thus provide a whole wide range of flexibility.


To sum up, let’s have a quick look at the points to ponder while buying a perfect pair of Best Goalkeeper Gloves.

Best GoalKeeper Gloves 2021 Infographics.

Goalie Gloves FAQs:

1. What factors should be considered before buying a goalkeeper glove?

Depending upon the Goalie’s preference, some keepers like to wear best-fit keeper gloves, while other goalkeepers prefer a loose fit that allows the finger mobility within the glove.

And for best finger protection goalie gloves, choose a pair with flexible plastic support that is easily bendable.

2. What is the most popular recommended size of gloves for infielders?

Mostly the infielders use a size range from 11’ -12’. But, most of the glove manufacturing companies recommend a size range of 11.5’’-11.75’’.

 3. Does a pro goalie wear a new pair of gloves after every game?

Pro infielders do not wear their professional gloves on the practice field. The goalkeeper states that the glove provides the best fit after its latex are broken. That’s why it is recommended to pre-wash a pair before use. A lot of players usually use a single pair of gloves for 4-5 matches.

4. Is spitting useful to make goalkeeper gloves sticky?

Goalkeepers spit in their gloves because the moisture activates latex and make gloves sticky.

5. How can I increase the grip of My Goalkeeper Gloves?

The grip of Goalkeeper Gloves can be enhanced by making them wet. The latex material of the palm undergo breakdown when being wet and provides a strong grip. That is why it is advised to wash your New Goalkeeper Gloves before use or wash them immediately after use.

6. Does VASELINE make Goalie gloves Sticky?

Although using VASELINE on keeper gloves makes them sticky but it is not recommended at all. Because, the latex on the palm of a keepers glove along with petroleum jelly reacts to form a chemical component which makes gloves hard and dry, later.

Being into games since High school has brought many experiences. I thought to share them for others' benefit. Must read, to get a better insight of suitable game gears.

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