Women Goalie Gloves- Girls Football Gloves To Buy In 2021

Best Choice
Reusch Attrakt Pro AX2 Goalkeeper Glove

  • Thermogranulated grip
  • Easy slide on
  • Customizable
Best Choice
Storelli Gladiator Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Great cushioning
  • Light weight
  • Budgeted
Best Choice
Adidas Predator Pro Finger Save

  • Professional in use
  • Gentle on skin
  • Comfortable

The 21st century nullifies the concept of gender discrimination. Although many countries adopt the framework, still the mindset will take centuries to fade off. The same concept is observed in a soccer game. Soccer is considered a masculine game, and so all the related gears produced by the manufacturers are male-centered.   Many females nowadays are playing soccer professionally and recreationally in high schools. But still, the availability of proper women’s goalkeeper gears in the market is critical.

If you are looking for girl goalie gloves then I am here to assist you in your journey. Based on my experience as a goalie, I have researched thoroughly to compile the following list of Best Female Goalkeeper Gloves. Hopefully, the following data will assist you in making the right choice to make you feel confident in your goalie game.

Girls Goalkeeper Gloves-Product Comparison Table

1st Pick
Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard
Material: German Pro Latex,Protection: Microbial save,Palm Cut: Hybrid,Grip: Hook and loop wrist band, Durability: Durable. Check Here
2nd Pick
Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Soccer Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard
Material: Pro German Latex,Protection: Removable Finger Spines,Palm: Roll Cut,Grip: Neoprene Bandage ,Durability: Durable. Check Here
3rd Pick
Adidas Predator GL PRO Goalkeeper Gloves Size
Material: German Latex,Protection: Anatomical Flex Zones,Palm: Rolled Cut,Grip: Elastic Wrist Band,Ventilation: Perforated Body. Check Here
4th Pick
Reusch Pure Contact III G3 Fusion Goalkeeper Glove
Material: G3 Fusion Foam,Protection: G3 Foam,Palm: Negative Cut,Grip: Asymmetrical Cuff Bandage. Check Here
5th Pick
Reusch Attrakt Pro AX2 Evolution Negative Cut Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Glove
Material: Latex, Protection: Hydro-Grip Foam, Palm: Negative Cut, Grip: Latex Wrist Strap,Durability: Durable Check Here
6th Pick
Storelli Gladiator Legend Goalkeeper Gloves
Material: Nylon+Spandex,Protection: Finger Spines,Palm: Hybrid Cut,Grip: Non-Slip Velcro Strap.  Check Here
7th Pick
Adidas Predator Pro Finger Save
Material: 3.0 URG Latex,Protection: Finger Save,Palm: Negative Cut,Grip: Double Wrap Wrist Band,Durability: Durable. Check Here
8th Pick
Vizari Women’s Pro Grip Gloves
Material: Latex, Protection: Fingersave,Grip: Latex Grip Band,Durability: Durable. Check Here
9th Pick
Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard
Material: German Latex,Protection: Fingersave Spines,Grip: Elastic Wrist Cuff,Ventilation: Breathable Mesh Body,Durability: Durable Check Here
10th Pick
Predator Adidas Ultimate Fingersave Goalie Gloves
Material: Latex,Protection: Fingersave, Evo zone Tec,Palm: Hybrid Cut,Grip: Double Wrap Wrist Band,Durability: Durable. Check Here

1.Renegade GK Fury Microbe-Guard 7

Renegade GK Fury Microbial Guard Goalie Gloves

Renegade is the official partner of the two largest professional soccer leagues in the USA. They are the most committed and trusted producers of professional goalkeeper gloves in soccer. Moreover, they are committed to producing professional goalie gloves for NPSL and WPSL. Rated above 4.5 on Amazon, Renegade’s Fury series in leading in the goalie game since March 2020.

These Fury Goalkeeper gloves are manufactured by High-end German Giga Pro Latex material. This latex type is the highest one in terms of performance, Hence, loved by pro goalies. Talking about safety, these gloves possess an upgraded 1800 thumb wrap to provide additional support to the thumb. The Pro- Tek Fingersave system avoids the backward bending of fingers to prevent fractures. Additionally,  the 3600 Duratek bandage strap wraps around the wrist to thoroughly support and secure it.

These goalkeeper gloves are graded as most comfortable in all the series available in the market. The 6D Mesh body allows the air passage, hence making these gloves breathable. Furthermore, the extra nylon strap attaches to the wrist bandage male them easy to put on. Fury series of Renegade uses Hybrid Cut. This Cut allows the natural positioning of hands when catching the ball. Thus, the control over ball multiplies by using these gloves.

Renegade priority is customer satisfaction. And this can be observed in all the ranges available by this manufacturer in the market. They value Performance, Protection and Durability. They launched this Fury Series for pros.  To summarize, the 6D Mesh body, 3600 wrist wrap, extra nylon strap for comfortable fit makes these gloves a pro-choice. 

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  • The 6D Mesh body makes these goalie gloves super-duper durable.
  • Both wrist and finger protection systems are used for your security.
  • The company provides impressive customer services.
  • Highly durable.
  • Not recommended for trainings or drills.

2.Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Soccer Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard 


Renegade is the most progressive goalie gear producer.  Officially it is a partner of the two largest professional soccer leagues in the USA. Renegade is the most committed and trusted producer of pro goalie gloves in soccer. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. Moreover, they are committed to producing professional goalie gloves for NPSL and WPSL.

This product of the fury series comes in a very vibrant Avalanch color. Although the glove is not specifically designed for female soccer goalkeepers, the color of this product makes it fascinating for girls. The goalie glove market is full of masculine goalkeeper gloves. But, now many manufacturers are collaborating to produce girls soccer goalie gloves in specific.

This Fury Renegade goalie glove gives high performance. It is composed of German Giga Grip pro-Latex. German Pro Latex is the form of the toughest Latex available out in the market. This Latex loosens up upon repeated usage and is highly durable. Well, talking about the Cut Design and Backhand of this series, these Renegade gloves are designed via Rolled Cut. This Cut design multiplies the performance of our soccer girl goalies manifold.

Furthermore, these gloves give superior quality protection to the goalie’s fingers and wrists. The finger spines are removable; hence make the gloves adjustable and flexible. As for comfort, these girl goalie gloves have separate nylon strap that makes them easy to put on.

To mention, Renegade offers thirty days of money-back guarantee on the purchase of these Fury gloves. It serves as a cherry on the top, as these gloves are reasonably cheap but if you are not satisfied by the performance of these gloves you can get your money back anytime within thirty days of purchase.

  • Comes with thirty days money-back guarantee.
  • 6D mesh body makes this glove super airy.
  • Gives high-end durability, comfort and performance.
  • Available in limited sizes.

3.Adidas Predator GL PRO 9

Adidas Predator Pro  Goalie Gloves size 9

Adidas is the 2nd largest sports gear producer in the industry after NIKE. Striving continually to stabilize its reputation since 1949, this German multinational brand offers a whole range of goalkeeper gloves. If you are looking for something classical aesthetically, then a look at these Adidas goalie gloves for girls is a must. What a perfect elastic strapless grip these gloves offer.

The backhand of this girl goalie glove is tailored to make our girl goalies feel confident when punching the ball. Catch the ball with superb comfort. These goalie gloves are designed in a way that the goalie’s hand feel freedom and flexibility. The cushioning palm, Anatomical Flex Zones, strategically positioned flex areas prevent goalie hands bagging.

To secure the forearm, strapless elastic entry is designed that hugs your wrists tightly, providing support.  The main highlight of these women goalie gloves the distribution of elements over knuckles. These raised elements contribute to the overall backhand shape and strong punching to the ball.

Tailored to fulfil the needs of our female goalies, these goalkeeper gloves are designed to be used on all surfaces. The knitted body of the glove makes them airy and suitable for all the weather conditions. Overall, these gloves are recommended for all surfaces, under all weather conditions. We just need to take precautions and wash them with lukewarm water after every use, to prolong their life.

  • Elastic entry.
  • Suitable in all weather conditions.
  • Allows the natural movement of hand in the glove
  • Comes in vibrant colors.
  • No Fingersave.
  • Bit Expensive

4.Reusch Pure Contact III G3 Fusion

Reusch Pure Contact III G3 Fusion Goalkeeper Glove

Reusch is a world-class brand, initiated by an Italian. Being in the industry since 1934, Reusch is continually adding in their product lines with advanced technology and superior quality. Talking about Reusch’s Contact G3, it is engineered via German technology and manufactured by G3 Fusion foam. This G3 Fusion foam is renowned for its durability. It is composed of the combination of hard ground and soft ground foam that is sprinkled all around to enhance foam’s life. 

The Cut design of this glove is Negative. Negative Cut is an evolutionary Cut that is stitched in a way to increase the Latex to the Ball contact area. This Cut design also maximizes the control over the ball, as the Latex is rolled around fingertips and provides the best tight fit.  The cuff is Asymmetrical. It has rubber ends that shield the wrist bone and give maximum coverage. These bandage straps are Slip-on fit making them easy to put on.

The backhand is exceptionally flexible and has perforated material at the top. It allows ultimate airflow and increased ventilation within the gloves. Well, the glove can be categorized good in appearance. But, the performance is reported not to be that much effective as other Reusch products are offering.  The glove was subjected to relatively quick wear and tear on repeated use. This depreciation was somewhat faster in comparison to other product s provided by the same brand. Overall, I can give four ratings to this Reusch Contact G3.

  • They are composed of G3 foam.
  • Allows ventilation via perforated surface.
  • Gives improved control over the ball.
  • Easy to put on.
  • The glove deteriorate relatively quickly.
  • Quality in exchange of dollars paid is relatively low.

5.Reusch Attrakt Pro AX2 Evolution Negative Cut Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Glove


Reusch is a world-class brand, initiated by an Italian. Being in the industry since 1934, Reusch is continually adding in their product lines with advanced technology and superior quality. Nearly, all of their product lines perform eminently. Here, we will have a look upon their Reusch Contact AX2 Goalkeeper Gloves. 

The main highlight of this Reusch AX2 is the HYDRO-GRIP FOAM.  The concept of Hydrotherapy technique inspires this Hydro-Grip Foam. The foam is activated by thermo granulates and warm water. These thermal granulates, boost the overall performance of the glove, precisely grip, even in the wettest condition of the hands.

Furthermore, the Cut design of these goalkeeper gloves is Negative. The Latex is stitched in a way to increase the Ball to Latex contact area, and it is wrapped around fingertips to protect them and give improved control over the ball.

Considering the comfort, this goalkeeper glove has a slip-on cuff strap. The edges of these female goalkeeper gloves straps have rubber material inside. This feature not only protects the hands but also provide more extended coverage and durability. For flexibility, the backhand of these girls goalkeeper gloves works on Free Flex. This technique allows maximum flexibility and induces pure secondary skin feeling for the glove. 

To summarize, this soccer goalie glove for girls, performance is remarkable. The grip, control over the ball, protection and flexibility are commendable. Lastly, the durability of this glove is five stars.  As a goalie myself, I can give a full five-star rating to this women goalkeeper glove because this glove is an allrounder and the quality offered ion exchange of price is worth to invest on. 

  • Highly Durable.
  • Maximum Flexibility.
  • Cheap.
  • Enhanced Performance.
  • Finger tips peel off comparatively quickly.

6.Storelli Gladiator Legend Goalkeeper Gloves 

Storelli Gladiator Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

Storelli Goalkeeper Gloves was founded in 2010, Storelli is a progressive brand aimed at providing innovative soccer gears. It is founded by an Italian soccer player who knows how to provide creative, technically sound soccer gears.

In my opinion, these Storelli Pro Goalie Gloves can be a choice of professionals. By material, storelli pro is composed of 80%Nylon and 18% Spandex.  Spandex is a stretchy polyurethane fabric. Is makes the gear elastic and comfortable to wear on.

The PAD cover of this glove is cotton material that makes it breathable.  Moreover, this girl football glove is Fingersave. The five-finger plastic spines are removable, hence, making the gloves easily adjustable as per one’s requirements. What makes it pro-choice? Well! The advanced shield it provides to goalkeeper’s hands is the answer.

This soccer goalie glove is designed to perform the heavy-duty. The 3mm pads at the palm are high shock absorbers and nullify the force impact of the ball. In addition to this, 3.5mm German Latex makes it suitable to be used in the field. Perhaps the ergonomic finger spines are removable, and it becomes effortless to shield fingers against injuries of hyperextension.

Furthermore, the Negative Cut design and technical placing of flex zones increase the contact area of the ball. It makes the goalie feel confident while controlling the ball.  The cuff comprises an elastic Velcro strap, which rotates at 3600 and enhances the grip. 

Palm is embossed. The Mesh body is used between the fingers; it makes the gloves breathable and keeps hands dry.  The new sleek design has neon yellow trims that make these soccer goalie gloves fascinating to the eyes. Collectively, these gloves can be ranked as pro-choice with a rating above four.

  • Comes along a separate storage bag.
  • Fingersave.
  • Pro choice.
  • Provide maximum grip.
  • It is not recommended in wet weather conditions.

7.Adidas Predator Pro Finger Save

adidas Predator Pro Finger Save

Adidas is the 2nd largest sports gear producer in the industry after NIKE. Striving continually to stabilize its reputation since 1949, this German multinational brands offers a whole range of goalkeeper gloves.  We will look upon their Predator series as junior goalkeeper gloves, here.

If you are looking for something that gives an extra grip to goalie gloves for girls, then this generation of Adidas goalie glove can be the right choice. And, this job is done by 2.0 URG Latex. This Latex is the main highlight of this women goalie glove. Although the glove Cut design is categorized as Negative but as per my professional experience, I will classify them as the Flat Cut goalie gloves, because these gloves offer enough room for finger mobility.

Talking about protection, these goalkeeper gloves are Fingersave. In addition to this, this generation of PRO goalie glove is composed of relatively thicker rubber material at the backhand with different shapes. These features offer extra coverage to the goalie’s hand. 

 Furthermore, 3.5 URG 2.0 Latex used makes the gloves more challenging. The foam of the gloves has not disappointed me at any time with its ability to absorb the forced shock and catch the ball with the natural feel.

For more grip, Adidas has added a feature of removable elastic strap bandage to this generation. That allows gloves to be extra flexible in use. I have experienced the performance of this soccer goalie gloves with both the strap on and off. And sceptically, this football goalkeeper glove performs outclass in both situations. To conclude, these soccer goalie gloves are recommended for match days. One can trust the performance of these gloves on his match day. I will rate it above four stars.

  • Latex loosen up easily, no need of re-wetting.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Professionals choice.
  • Provide maximum grip.
  • Available in Size 10 only.
  • Relatively less durable

8.Vizari Women’s Pro Grip Gloves

Vizari is one of the US-based brands, offering high quality, comfortable products for athletes. In soccer gear industry they are well known for their out ranking quality products. Vizari understands the needs of women goalie gloves. It has tailored these Pro Grip Gloves for female soccer goalies.

Are you striving to balance fashion trends and performance? These Pro girls soccer gloves are customized via 3MM color base German Latex to make them durable and attractive at the same time. Although the backhand is composed of Duplatex Foam that shields the hand against ball force, still it is recommended to use this range for training purpose only. 

The grip of these gloves is sufficient. The full wrap Velcro strap allows practical support to the wrist.  Moreover, these gloves are Fingersave. The finger spines used are non-removable and provide full protection against the hyperextension.

To conclude, these gloves can be categorized as mid-range goalie gloves. They provide protection and support but cannot be referred to as suitable to be used in fields. If you want, you can use them in your high school matches, but not professionally. Aesthetically, these gloves are quite ravishing and are very cheap to afford.

  • Cheap.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Not recommended for match day.

9.Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

Renegade is one of the most progressive brands in the market. Being an official partner of the two largest professional soccer leagues in the USA, They are the most committed and trusted producers of professional goalkeeper gloves in soccer.  They focus on customer satisfaction. Moreover, they are committed to producing professional goalie gloves for NPSL and WPSL.

Triton is one of the trending series produced by Renegade. The composition material used by Triton is German Duper Grip Latex. This Latex is supremely suitable for challenging grounds-outdoor games. The palm is pre-arched. It enhances the grip and control over the ball.

Renegade is renowned for its customer orientation. Keeping in view the necessary needs of goalies these goalkeeper gloves are manufactured in three vibrant colours. The pink and green colour of these Renegade Triton will surely fascinate our famous female soccer goalies. To mention, these goalie gloves for girls are armed with all the features that are found in masculine goalkeeper gloves.

Initially, the glove is super safe. The MicrobialGaurd technology makes these gloves super hygienic to use in today’s pandemic situation. Moreover,  The Pro-Tek Fingersave system, lock the plastic spines at a prescribed degree and secure the fingers from injuries. Additionally, 1800 thumb wrap keeps the delegate thumbs of our female goalies separately.

Secondly, the Hybrid Cut ensures maximum control over the ball. This control elevates our girl goalies confidence. Moreover, the 3MM Duratek strap wraps around the wrist to completely secure the wrist bone and muscles.

Lastly, the 3D Airmesh body makes the gloves breathable. Airmesh body is a body type that is composed of a mesh material and allows ventilation in the gloves. This air passage keeps the hands dry, so sweating will not affect the performance of our female soccer goalies. Furthermore, these girl football goalie gloves are comfortable to put on. The Nylon strap puller makes the job easy.

  • The vibrant pink and green colour logo make them attractive.
  • These are the first-ever Anti Microbial Pretreated Goalkeeper gloves.
  • Allows ventilation within the gloves
  • Available in all sizes
  • It is recommended to purchase ½’ above the actual measured size of your hand.

10.Predator Adidas Ultimate Fingersave Goalie Gloves


These professional women goalie gloves are manufactured by Adidas that deals in an un- limited range of sports goods including knee pads, elbow pads, and goalkeeper gloves. Here, we will look upon there girls soccer goalie glove which posses Removable Fingersave protection system. At first, these gloves are composed of German Latex. This 4MM German Latex makes the gloves more sticky and durable in use.

These Vlor sport Goalie gloves are Fingersave. The plastic finger spines used in these gloves are removable and adjustable. This feature enables the interlock of the ranges works efficiently to avoid any sprain or injury caused by the hyperextension of the fingers. Therefore, these gloves are most secure,  flexible and can be adjusted according to one’s requirement. 

Furthermore, the Rolled Cut design of these gloves makes them suitable for professionals. The designed is tailored to provide a 3-dimensional effect. It not only gives a fascinating glamourous appearance to the gloves but also surrounds the fingers to wrap them and protect them via columnar spacing. 

The backhand is made up of EVO shock zones. EVO shock zones are used for goalkeeper gloves to make them shock absorbant and prevent the rapid wear and tear of the gloves as they are used repeatedly. Moreover, the grip of these girls goalie gloves multiplies manifold as it uses Double Wrap Wrist band design. Out of these two bands, inner band is the elastic layer providing flexibility and best tight fit, while the outer band is the wound bandage that is tailored to secure your wrist against injury.

  • New attractive design.
  • Offers outstanding quality in exchange of dollars paid.
  • Durable and Fingersave
  • Available in all sizes
  • It is recommended to purchase ½’ above the actual measured size of your hand.


Undoubtedly, there is a massive improvement required in the production of female goalie gloves. All the giants manufacturing goalkeeper gloves focus on male goalie gloves only. Now, there is a need to shift their focus on the manufacturing of female football goalkeeper gloves too.

Out of all the ranges available in the market, I have researched and selected 10 Best Female Goalkeeper Gloves mentioned above. Although all of these were not explicitly defined for women, still some of these gloves possess few uni-sexual features aesthetically.

Hope, this will help you in making the right choice about girls soccer goalie gloves.

Being into games since High school has brought many experiences. I thought to share them for others' benefit. Must read, to get a better insight of suitable game gears.

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