10 Best Junior Goalkeeper Gloves-Soccer Gloves For Kids Review Guide

Thinking to get set your child for a fantastic goalie game? To give the best launching pad, provide her with best kids goalkeeper gloves. Although there is a whole lot of crazy kids goalie gloves available in the market, All of these goalkeeper gloves for children are designed technically to fulfil the needs of a kids soccer goalie.

Our Top Junior GoalKeeper Gloves Choice

Best Choice
Storelli Gladiator Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Super airy
  • High Performance
  • Gentle on skin
Best Choice
Reusch Attrakt G3 Goalkeeper Glove

  • Newly designed
  • Easy Punching
  • Custom Fit
Best Choice
Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove

  • Very Cheap
  • Perfect Training gloves
  • Maximum Safety

Making the right choice for our junior goalies is crucial. Well, If you are confused too, because of that vast range of kids goalkeeper gloves available in the sports market, we are here to assist you in making the right decision. In doing so, the best kids soccer gloves should provide protection and create an equilibrium between dollars paid and quality offered. 

Product Comparison Table

1st Pick
Storelli Gladiator Legend Goalkeeper Gloves
Material: Super Soft Premium Latex,Protection: Built-in Fingersave,Palm: Flat,Grip: Full-Wrist Strap, Durability: Less Durable Check Here
2nd Pick
Renegade GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves
Material: Neoprene,Protection: Microbe-Guard,Palm: Roll Cut,Grip: High-Performance German Latex Bandage,Durability: Durable. Check Here
3rd Pick
Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove
Material: German Latex,Protection: G3 Fusion Foam,Palm: Rolled Cut,Grip: Wider Wrist Band,Ventilation: Air Vent System. Check Here
4th Pick
Adidas Ace Zones Pro Goalie Gloves 8 Green/Black/Pink
Material: German Latex,Protection: Fingersave Spine,Palm: Flat Cut,Grip: Double- Designed Wrist Band. Check Here
5th Pick
PUMA ONE Protect 2 RC Goalkeeper Gloves
Material: Embossed Latex, Protection:P.F.P Fingersave, Grip: Full-Length Latex Wrist Strap,Durability: Durable. Check Here
6th Pick
Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove
Material: Synthetic,Protection: Finger Spines,Palm: 3MM duplatex foam palm,Grip: V-Notch Wrist Band.  Check Here
7th Pick
Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution Ortho-Tec Defender Goalkeeper Glove
Material: All-Weather Suitable Latex,Protection: Ortho-Tec, Pro-Flex Technology,Palm: Rolled Cut,Grip: New Stretchable Neoprene Entry Pocket,Durability: Durable. Check Here
8th Pick
Stanno HardGround Junior Goalkeeper Gloves
Material: Rubber patch at outer side and Soft Foam inside, Protection: Not Fingersave,Grip: Velcro Fastening Band,Durability: Durable. Check Here
9th Pick
Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Soccer Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard
Material: German EXT Contact Grip latex,Protection: Fingersave Spines,Grip: Duratek strap,Usage: Pro,Durability: Durable. Check Here
10th Pick
Adidas Predator GL PRO Goalkeeper Gloves Size
Material: Demonskin silicone elements,Protection: Backhand silicone elements,Palm: Negative Cut,Grip: Stretch Strap for extra Grip,Durability: Not Durable. Check Here

To provide aid, we have figured out 10 Best Kids Goalie Gloves for you based upon our research. Come on! Let’s have a look.


1.Storelli Gladiator Recruit Junior Goalkeeper Gloves


Storelli Gladiator Recruit Goalkeeper Gloves was founded in 2010, storelli is a progressive brand aimed at providing innovative soccer gears. It is founded by an Italian soccer player who knows how to provide creative, technically sound soccer gears. Storelli Gladiator is the best junior goalie glove if your little champion is the new one in goalie game. These goalie gloves for children sacrifice durability over performance.

If you want to buy something for your junior goalie, which she can use for recreational practice, then these stroelli gloves are the first choice to be made. These kids goalkeeper gloves are not meant for drilling purpose. If you use them for drilling, they will start to wear off too quickly.

Storelli gladiator for kids is composed of Latex, Nylon and Polyester mixture making the fabric of this junior soccer goalie glove breathable. This soft Latex material provides enhanced grip in all weather conditions.  These Fingersave goalkeeper gloves for juniors use plastic spines to protect our little one hands from finger jams or back extended injuries.

The wrist band of this junior soccer goalie glove is in Velcro fastening. The palm cut is complimentary, which is the perfect one for beginners.  

  • The flat cut makes them the best choice for beginners.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Provide maximum grip.
  • Low durability.
  • Cannot be used by infielders.

2.Renegade GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

Renegade is the official partner of the two largest professional soccer leagues in the USA. They are committed to producing professional goalie gloves for NPSL and WPSL.

In today’s pandemic situation, microbial safety has gained utmost importance. These children’s football gloves, for the very first time, use MICRO-GUARD technology to make them anti-microbial. The MICRO-FRESH used acts as to make a boundary cell wall to disrupt the microbial cell growth. This TRIPLE-ACTION technology destroys up to 99.9% bacteria and restricts its evolution up to 12 months.

Renegade Vulcan goalkeeper gloves are composed of 3.5+3MM German Latex Palm.  They possess 180degrees thumb wrap, which enhances the grip of these soccer goalie gloves. The pre-arched palm eminently supports to control of the ball. Furthermore, the Duratek strap of this kid’s goalkeeper glove rotates at 360 degrees to keep wrist safe.  

As for comfort, the 3D super mesh body of this Vulcan series ensures breathability. Additionally, these junior gloves have a nylon puller strap, making it easy for our junior soccer goalies to put them on.

  • Use Microbe-guard technology to prevent microbe growth in long matches.
  • The rolled cut allows the natural position of hand while catching the ball.
  • The 180degree thumb wrap provides more protection..
  • Bit heavier in weight.

3.Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution

Reusch is an internationally operated company for about 85 years, Reusch has gained its reputation amongst top goalkeeper gloves in the world. Let us have a look at their astonishing Attrakt G3 Fusion. This soccer goalie glove has German manufactured and designed G3 Fusion foam.

G3 fusion foam is the blend of stony ground, and soft ground foam sprinkled over the palm to accelerate the performance and durability of this goalie glove. The palm of these junior goalkeeper gloves are designed via rolled cut to allow finger splay and make our young goalie catch the ball in a most natural position. It is suitable for all weather conditions. The AirVent system used in these junior soccer goalkeeper gloves makes them airy and breathable.

Moreover, the Mesh material fabric used in these kid’s goalkeeper gloves allows the optimal circulation of air while keeping your little one’s hands cool.  As for the grip and wrist support, the full-length strap and Asymmetric slip-on cuff maximize the wrist bone protection. Indeed it is one of the best kids goalkeeper gloves used in the field.

  • Suitable for all weather conditions..
  • The rolled cut allows the natural position of hand while catching the ball.
  • Can be used both for training and match days.
  • These kids goalie gloves are not finger save.

4.Adidas Ace Zones Pro Goalie Gloves 8 Green/Black/Pink


Gearing on your goalie with a perfect, best fit, pro goalie gloves can make a big difference in the level of the game being played. This Adidas soccer goalie gloves for kids has superior quality Latex material. Additionally, it posses elastic foam inside which absorbs the amount of potential energy that a high-speed ball transfers when a young goalie catches it. 

Furthermore, these junior football gloves have five spines in fingers, making them Fingersave. These spines not only prevent the injuries caused by extended hand s but also make the gloves flexible in use.

To add up, the double-designed wristband has elastic wrist band at the inner side and a Velcro fastening latex band at the outer side. This feature minimizes the wrist sprains risks and makes the goalie glove fit at its best. 

The palm of this Fingersave goalie glove for juniors is in Positive cut design. This cut design allows the most challenging saves and the best ball-to-hand contact. These goalie gloves can be used for training or professionally. The High-quality Dumbex latex used to make these gloves reasonably durable, and the mesh material allows the optimal airflow within the gloves to minimize hand wetting.

  • Breathable and Light in weight.
  • Provide maximum safety.
  • Can be used both for training and match days.
  • It is recommended to order ½’’ above your actual size for the glove.

5.PUMA ONE Protect 3

PUMA ONE Protect 3 juniior goalkeeper gloves

PUMA is the 3rd largest sportswear producer in the industry. It is a German multinational brand which never fails to amaze its customers by the quality and range of products offered.

PUMA one protects, use a special PFP, Puma Finger Protection technology. As the safety of our children’s hand is our priority, these children football gloves possess fixed spines. These spines prevent the hyperextension of our junior soccer goalie, as they lock at 180degrees.

3MM multi-grip palm is durable and provides advance grip. The backhand of the glove is made up of embossed latex that secures the hand while punching the ball. To make the grip more robust, these soccer gloves for kids has full-length Latex strap. This strap wrap around the wrist for an enhanced enclosure. 

Undoubtedly these junior football gloves surpass the comfortability in the range for Fingersave protection they offer. Plus, the side entry wrist makes them easy to access too.

  • Flexible and Light in weight.
  • Provide maximum safety.
  • Cheap.
  • It is recommended to order ½’’ above your actual size for the glove.

 6.Vizari Avio F.R.F

 Vizari Avio F.R.F junior goalie gloves

Vizari is one of the US-based brands, offering high quality, comfortable products for athletes. In soccer gear industry they are well known for their out ranking quality products. For a range of kids soccer goalie gloves, they keep safety at priority.

This specific Avio F.R.F glove for kids, it is composed of 3MM duplatex foam palm. Although this palm foaming is not much worthy of avoiding hyper-extended injury, this range of Vizari kids Goalie Gloves uses F.R.F technology for far better Fingersave protection. 

FRF is the Frequency Response Function. This technology is used by Vizari via pre-curved protection sticks, to ensure maximum safety of your young goalie. The V-notch wrist band ensures the superior grip and comfortable tight fit in kids’ goalkeeper gloves. Collectively, these gloves are an excellent option for training purposes, and the quality offered is as per the dollars we will pay for it.

  • Very vibrant and stylish.
  • Hybrid Cut design allows maximum control over the ball.
  • Provide maximum grip.
  • Not recommended for professionals.
  • Non-removable fingerspines.

7.Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution Ortho-Tec Defender

Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution Ortho-Tec Defender goalkeeper gloves

Reusch is a world-class brand, initiated by an Italian. Being in the industry since 1934, Reusch is continually adding in their product lines with advanced technology and superior quality. Let us have a look at their Attrakt G3 Fusion. This Reusch junior goalkeeper glove uses G3 Fusion technology. G3 Fusion is a supreme blend of soft and hard ground foam sprinkled over the palm to enhance the durability and cushioning.

One of the unique leading features of this range is, it uses ORTHO-TEC. In goalie glove design and manufacturing, ortho-technology is used via patent ortho spines that protect the fingers, thumb and backhand too. Such ranges are free-floating, yet removable. So, as per your comfort level, you can remove for a custom fit. 

The palm cut is rolled. This cut design increases the flexibility of these goalkeeper gloves. Moreover, the backhand is composed of a blended stretchy and elastic material that makes the glove flexible and protective at the same time. These children football gloves posses a newly designed Stretchable pocket composed of neoprene. This pocket allows the easy and quick removal of ortho-Tec spines.

  • Very light in weight.
  • Pro flex at backhand makes punching easier.
  • Ortho spines performs better to prevent injury.
  • Bit Expensive.

8.Stanno Hard Ground Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

Stanno HardGround Junior Goalkeeper Gloves:

Stanno is a progressive, technical sports gear producer. It is gaining its reputation in the market slowly and gradually via the quality and technique it uses for its products. It is already in operation in 20 different countries and striving continually to make its mark in the sports gear industry. Let’s glance upon ita range of Hardground goalkeeper gloves for kids.

The soft foam inside and harder one at the outer along rubber patch on the palm make these gloves best fit for use on turfs and similar harder surfaces.

Being soft at inside these gloves are very gentle to your little champs skin. This foam makes them flexible and enhances the grip of the ball. Moreover, it creates a cushion between palm and ball, thus protecting the palm from injuries. This feature makes them most comfortable in comparison of all other junior goalie gloves available in the market.

These Hardground gloves have rubber patch at the palm, which increases the durability of these gloves, making them challenging in use. Additionally, the wristband Velcro fastening making the closure tight and best fit. The wrist bandage is designed to provide maximum support to our junior’s wrist bone.

  • Very gentle on skin.
  • Best for artificial turf and rough surfaces.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • No Fingersave.
  • Not recommended for preofessionals.

9.Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Soccer Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Soccer Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard

Renegade is a progressive brand who is an official partner of two largest professional soccer leagues in USA. They are committed to producing professional goalie gloves for NPSL and WPSL. Come on, have a glance upon their eclipse series.  These Renegade goalkeeper gloves are classified as pro goalie gloves. These gloves are specifically designed after thorough research and in-depth feedback taken from pro goalies.

At first, these pro goalkeeper gloves are composed of German contact Latex. This supreme quality latex makes the gloves durable. In addition to the fact, molded rubber is injected at the backhand of the glove making it more favorable for our pro goalies. These goalkeeper gloves are not Fingersave, but we can place spines as per our requirement to make them Fingersave. Moreover, the palm ios designed of Negative cut.

The entire body of the glove is manufactured of brethaprene that ensures maximum optimized airflow, and a great fit. The 360degrees neoprene Durate cuff provides outstanding support to our junior goalkeeper’s wrist. 

  • Posses unique extended palm design that makes them easy to put on.
  • Breathable and Comfortable.
  • 180 thumb wrap improves the finger protection.
  • No Fingersave.
  • Available in limited sizes.

10.adidas Predator Pro Junior Goalkeeper Gloves Size 5

Adidas is the 2nd largest sports gear producer in the industry after NIKE. Striving continually to stabilize its reputation since 1949, this German multinational brands offers a whole range of goalkeeper gloves.  We will look upon their Predator series as junior goalkeeper gloves, here.

Keeping the fact in view, these goalkeeper gloves for kids are designed as soft at palm to provide gentle on the skin while a smooth grip of the ball. Although these gloves wear off quickly, they provide a rock-steady grip. The palm of these junior soccer goalie gloves is designed via Rolled cut. This feature maximizes the snug fit and natural positioning of hand while catching the ball.

These gloves posses extra stretch strap. This strap gives additional stability, but one can remove it if someone wants more freedom over the ball. The backhand of this junior football glove has a silicon element. These silicon elements produce great cushioning while punching the ball.  Lastly, the elastic bandage gives support and best firm grip over the wrist.

  • Comes along the extra detachable strap to adds on the grip.
  • It’s soft and very gentle on our little champions hands.
  • Added silicon element at backhand to create cushion while punching the ball.
  • Available in all sizes
  • Light in weight
  • No Fingersave.
  • Low Durability.


Being a goalie is a tough job. The success of the game lies upon teams goalies; they must be active, robust, agile and brave. In addition to all these personality traits, they should be well equipped with outclass football gears too. To highlight, goalie gloves are of utmost importance. Here, we will discuss the points to ponder when choosing the right pair of goalkeeper gloves for yourself. Being a goalie myself, I have summed up the considerate factors as follows:

To evaluate any goalie glove, one should have a deep understanding of the structure of the goalkeeper gloves for soccer goalies and the Type of Cut. Moreover, the quality offered by the glove should be according to the dollars we pay for them. Nowadays, many superior brands fail to create equilibrium between these two factors.

The performance Latex material used and the durability of the gloves are commendable.  For instance, we will discuss the role of Age and Quality of Gloves. The other subscribing factors are personalized as the style of one’s goalie game and the type of soccer being played. 


The age of a goalkeeper is the primary factor. It is the factor that decides the type of cut design to be selected. In my opinion, for a best kids goalkeeper glove selection, safety is the priority. At first, you should know how to measure a goalie glove size, secondly, decide if you need a pair in youth goalie gloves or a couple in kids goalkeeper gloves range.

Generally, if you are age below ten years, you should select something from the adult range with Fingersave technology. Protection of junior football goalkeeper is the most crucial consideration. The glove should have finger spines to avoid any injury caused by the back extension of the hand.


I know that kids want something fancy to fascinate their peers. Budget quality is the prime concern. Go for something that allows the natural bend of the hand (rolled cut) and must possess some protective material at backhand to help in punching.

Learning the exact technique is vital. Give those junior soccer goalkeepers the authentic sized gloves that fit best and give them grip over the wrist. They will increase their confidence in the field and over the ball. Besides all these factors, to prevent any significant wrist, hand or finger injury sum up all the elements as mentioned earlier to land on the best-secured pair for your junior goalkeeper. 


If you are planning to buy something for junior football goalkeeper, then, I will recommend you to go for something durable. Because, during drills, junior goalies drop-down many times and face many bounces off the ball. He will touch the ground again, and again that will make the palm of the glove wears off too quickly. Moreover, this may cause horrendous injuries to the wrist and fingers.

But if you have fully grabbed the exact algorithm of the goalie game than choose according to the goalie gloves features that suit you the most.

Type Of The Soccer:

The game decides the fate of the goalie glove it will be used to play. Generally, soccer is classified into two types:

1.Indoor soccer

2.Outdoor soccer

For an indoor soccer game, DURABILITY is the main leading factor. Because, when playing inside, the field is small and the ball bounces again and again. In such a situation, the goalie needs to hoit the glove on the ground, on the ball, and various harder surfaces, making them wear off quickly. So the durability is the main focus point. While on the other side, the infielders for outdoor soccer, encounter less bouncing of the ball. So they don’t need many durable ones. 

Thus, I will encourage you to buy a pair of gloves according to the game that you are going to play with the ones. Or you can go for two couples, where you will use the new one in the field and keep it for further drilling and practising while using the other new team in a new game. This might saves a bit of money too. 


Our junior football goalkeeper’s safety comes first. To ensure this, a parent must choose an option with Fingersave Technology. Fingersave technology use finger spines that extend towards backhand and lock at 180 degrees to prevent the overextension of fingers, which might cause a severe injury. These finger spines can be:



The stiff spines are designed to bend forward; these spines do not lean backwards and prevent the hyperextension of the hand. In contrast, the bendable spines move in both directions and are more flexible. Stiffs spines are the most recommended ones.


Conclusion of kids goalie gloves buying guide

Frequently asked questions:

What should one look for when buying a goalkeeper glove?

If you want to buy Fingersave goalie glove than check for bendable finger spine. Moreover, the palm of the glove should allow natural hand bend while catching the ball.

 Why do goalkeepers tape their fingers?

This taping adds in the stability provided by the spines to fingers. So, to avoid the risk of injury, many goalkeepers tape their fingers.

Which size is suitable for kids?

Age is not an exact measure of size. You should measure the palm along fingers and add1/2′ to the measurement for a best-fit size.

Which sizes are recommended for ages below 10?

Depending upon the brand and palm-size, generally, 4-7 lengths are recommended for kids.

What is the size of high school goalkeeper gloves?

Usually, high school goalkeepers wear a size ranging between 11-11.5 inches.

Being into games since High school has brought many experiences. I thought to share them for others' benefit. Must read, to get a better insight of suitable game gears.

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