Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves- Reusch Soccer Goalie Gloves Review AndBuyers Guide

Reusch is a renowned manufacturer in the sporting goods industry. The company is specialized to be the best brand for  Goalkeeper Gloves.

Our Top 3 Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

Best Choice
Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Glove

  • Ortho Tec flexible spines
  • Large Latex-to-ball area
  • Quick entry pocket
Best Choice
Reusch Pure Contact 3 R3 (Astro/Hard Ground) Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Light weight
  • Extremely Durable
  • R3 Mega Solid palm
Best Choice
Reusch Attrakt Fusion Ortho Tec Goaliator Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Airvent System
  • Free gel Backhand
  • Elastic cuffs

Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves are trusted by more than 220 league goalkeepers across the world. Here, I have reviewed a few of their best-selling, fully equipped goalie gloves for you.

1.Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution



  • G3 Fusion Foam

If you’re looking for a goalie glove that can provide you with an unmatchable grip, then look no further because G3 Fusion by Reusch Attrakt is perfect for you. It has everything that one needs in a good quality sports glove. The G3 fusion latex, along with Reusch palm foam, offers the best kind of grip that every goalie dream of having.  From providing the best protection to your hands to exceptional flexibility, these goalie gloves are suitable for any game.

The Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion is a perfect pick for the matchday for any player who’s looking for incredible grip along with backhand compression. Experience the best of goalkeeping with Reusch’s G3 Fusion, a goalie glove crafted for superior goalkeepers. The G3 Fusion Foam has both hard ground and soft ground foam that gives the players enhanced grip and durability.

Additionally, the blue Aqua latex dots with the Hydrograin technology ensure seamless grip during rainy conditions. With incredibly tacky G3 ultra-soft foam with the Fusion of speckled latex increases the palm grip. The Reusch’s G3 Fusion comes with a non-removable finger grip that brings the ultimate grip stabilization. Furthermore, Reusch’s high-quality finger-support finger protection system reduces the risk of injuries and enhances the goalkeeper’s grip around the ball.

 Because of the Evolution Cut, the latex is rolled adequately around the fingertips providing a good grip, a tight fit, best ball controls with the maximized ball to latex control. The introduction of a mesh on Reusch’s glove’s backhand provides ventilation to the hand during a game. Because of this Airvent system, the glove is breathable. So, a goalkeeper can wear it for longer durations of time without any discomfort.

  • Uses Aqua Latex Dot technology.
  • Provide an Exceptional grip.
  • Fingersave.
  • No thumb protection.
  • Non-removable grips make it hard to clean.

2.Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Attrakt SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove



The Reusch Attrakt’s SD Open Cuff Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove is the top choice if you’re looking for a goalkeeper glove for your little one. With the recommendation from pro keepers such as Hugo Lloris and Samir Handanovic, this glove is all that your little champs need for the world’s best goalie game. As the best brand for goalkeeper gloves, Reusch, has SD Open Cuff Junior Goalkeeper gloves with top-quality foam. These gloves are specially crafted to give the best performance on both hard ground and artificial grass.

Moreover, The super durable SD palm foam provides this glove remarkable resistance from abrasion. The super durable synthetic foam at the palm provides reliable durability to the glove. These gloves come with full closure straps that provide these little football goalie gloves flexibility to adjust them as per their need. The open cuff of these gloves provides additional grip, reinforcement, and padding to the hand. Similarly, the elastic around the wrist in open cuff gloves provides the wearer outclass fitting and makes them the best gripping gloves.

Reusch has especially engineered these gloves to provide the best grip in the toughest of conditions. These gloves’ outer seams are enlarged, providing the additional palm surface to increases the latex to the glove’s ball contact area. The area at the back of the hand has an embossed foam design that makes the glove more comfortable. The foam at the backhand makes it comfortable for a junior goalkeeper to bend the hand easily. Like all other gloves from Reusch, the SD Open Cuff Finger Support Junior also comes with the Finger Protection System. The risk of injury during a goalie game is significantly reduced because of these finger spines.

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  • Provide the ultimate abrasion protection than any young goalie needs..
  • The SD open cuff extended strap makes these gloves fully fit on the hands.
  • Very Cheap.
  • Available in limited sizes.
  • Available in single color only .

3.Reusch Attrakt Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliator




The Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Ortho Tec Goaliator is a professional goalie glove. Made and manufactured with Reusch’s best-class all-weather latex, the G3 Fusion Ortho Tec provides more flexibility to the player. It is light in weight. This glove will enhance your performance threefold.

The extra tacky G3 Ultrasoft foam includes a special adhesive additive that offers the best grip you can find in any goalie glove. Additionally, it also has excellent abrasion resistance that keeps the glove free from wear and tear. Along with the abrasion resistance, the glove also performs outstandingly in all weather conditions, let it be dry or wet.

G3 Ultrasoft foam fused with speckled latex injections boost the overall palm’s performance in this glove. The high resistance black solid latex dots increase the glove’s durability several folds. The Hydrograin technology’s blue aqua latex dots provide these gloves with exceptional grip during the rainy season. Similarly, the palm embossing gives these gloves more flexibility.

The highly engineered Reusch’s finger protection system provides the player wearing them with excellent injury protection. Moreover, The ergonomic shape of this glove enables the goalie to move their hands naturally quickly. With the new Ortho Tec system, this glove is light, thin, and highly flexible, providing the fingers reliable hyperextension. Furthermore, The backhand of the glove has Shockshield Advanced technology protection that comes with light neoprene fingertips offering maximum flexibility.

  • Ortho Tec systems provide added protection, reliability, and comfort.
  • The backhand shock shield provides an outstanding punching zone and ball grip.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Bit expensive.

4.Reusch Pure Contact 3 R3

Reusch Pure Contact 3 R3 Goalkeeper Gloves Size



The Pure Contact R3 gloves are the third generation of light-weighted, super flexible, breathable gloves designed using revised cut tailoring. This glove is specially designed ergonomically to fit the hand of the goalie correctly, providing outstanding support. With a free flex backhand, the pure contact of R3 turns this glove into a second skin of the hand, making it perfectly fit. Similarly, this glove’s one-piece design makes it highly flexible and reliable for any big goalie game.

The Mega Solid palm of this glove is specifically designed, keeping in view rigid and artificial surfaces. The addition of the Durabond technology makes the R3 a perfectly balanced glove that is reliable and highly flexible. In these gloves, the palm foam extends to the cuffs, significantly enlarging the ball to the latex contact area and enhanced grip on the ball.

The renowned asymmetric slip-on cuff comes with an integrated strap giving the Pure Contact R3 individual fixation and super strong goalkeeper wrist support. This glove comes with 100% internal seams wrapped around the thumb and the palm’s extension, backhand, and finger side, which makes it perfectly fit for every goalie’s hand. The weight of the Pure Contact R3 is hugely light that makes it perfect to wear for long hours during any game. Additionally, the added foam backhand support makes these gloves the ultimate ones that any goalie playing on turf will need.

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  • Extremely light weighted.
  • Perfect for any game with its slip-on cuff.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Provide maximum grip.
  • Available in limited sizes.
  • No finger spine is available in this glove.

5.Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution Ortho-Tec Defender

Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Evolution Ortho-Tec Defender Goalkeeper Glove



Are you searching for the ultimate goalkeeper glove that will give you excellent support along with added hand protection? Look no further! As the Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion Ortho-Tec defender is all, you need. This glove comes with ergonomic support that gives the wearer added support, ball grip, control, and safety. The rolled thumb in this glove gives it a 3D shape that helps in enlarging the palm area.

The G3 fusion foam in these gloves combines to provide the hard ground and soft ground foam quality, making these gloves suitable for every kind of terrain. These gloves are built with top quality foam and are ideal for all seasons. Additionally, the ergonomic embossing on the palm gives the wearer added flexibility.

The finger protection system in these excellent gloves gives your fingers the best protection that you can’t find in any other goalie glove. In Ortho-Tec G3, they have also added an extra spine for the thumb. You can easily remove these spines through the backside of the glove when you don’t need them.

Moreover, the finger support system in these gloves is thinner and adapts easily to the hand’s natural movements, providing extra flexibility to the goalie. The embossing at the backhand side of the glove gives these gloves additional flexibility at the breaking points. Additionally, the air vent system provides breathable air into the glove that keeps the wearer’s hand cool during the game.

  • The 3D crotch eliminates any chances for tear out in the palm region.
  • The Ortho-Tec in the G3 provides additional support to the fingers and prevents injury during the game.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Bit expensive.

6.Reusch Attrakt SG Extra Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove




The best of the goalkeeper gloves is this SG extra finger support glove from the Reusch’s Attrakt range. This goalkeeper glove is perfect for those who want to enjoy added finger support during any challenging game. The soft palm foam provides a reliable grip and exceptional support during any match.

These gloves come with a Dura Guard latex patch that can provide extra abrasion resistance and durability at the palm’s most stressed zone. Similarly, the soft grip palm foam gives these gloves an outclass grip, whereas the soft and smooth surface offers excellent damping for splendid performance on natural grass. The high-quality finger support system provides exceptional protection from injuries during a game. These added spines stick easily adjust with the fingers’ shape, providing the goalie’s hand increased flexibility.

Additionally, this glove comes with an Airvent system that provides breathability to this glove. Due to this feature, the goalkeeper’s hand remains cool even after a tiring game. Moreover, these gloves’ mesh material is breathable that allows an optimal amount of air to pass through it. The backhand of the glove has latex foam all over it. This feature gives additional flexibility to the goalie’s hand during a game.

  • Use the Airvent ventilation system.
  • The added foam layer on the backhand area further enhances the flexibility of these gloves.
  • Provide maximum grip.
  • No extendable wrist straps are present to provide size adjustment.


To conclude, Reusch is one of the best goalkeeper gloves brand available in the market. Following my experience, I have reviewed the above mentioned shortlisted Reusch goalie gloves to help you make the best choice. 

All of the six gloves that I have reviewed here from Reusch come with a finger support system that is excellent in preventing finger injuries during any game. Some have extended foam layers that increase the ball to the latex contact area. In my opinion, if you want to choose a goalie glove that is reliable, flexible, and injury-proof, then choose any of these from Reusch.

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